Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the beach

last week we went on our first ever family vacation. matt, hazel & i loaded up with two other families & drove to florida to spend a few days. it was spectacular...& with 6 adults & 6 kids a bit of beautiful chaos as well. friends, sun, sand, ocean, pool, bikes, games, laughter, the smell of sunscreen & sweat & the feel of the sea breeze. it was a great vacation. yet, as with everything in our lives from here on out, there is the ache of missing eliot. the ache ebbs & flows with the days & seasons. this ache seemed a bit heightened in my heart while on our vacation. when you go as a family of 3 on vacation & you are a family of 4 - the difference, the absence, is felt. it's difficult to explain with words, just like every aspect of grief, of the missing. we drove back on mothers day. the vacation & mothers day were both wonderful & joyous...& sad...& i guess that's the way it goes without him.

here are a few fun in the sun pics.
hazel LOVED the water. she splashed & kicked & had a blast. she also LOVED being around all the other kiddos...she is not nearly as entertained this week.


layne said...

Matt and Ginny,
Looks like you guys had a great time at the beach. Hazel is absolutely beautiful and is so lucky to have her big brother Eliot to watch over her.
Much love to you all,

Julie said...

So glad you had a wonderful vacation. It's hard when a part of your family is missing. So many times I want to scream that I have 5 children, not 3. It's tough.

Thinking of you...always!

And Hazel is so cute!!

Leigh Collins said...

You guys are brave - that's a long trip in the car with a baby! We struggle with the drive from T-town and it is only 5 hours! BTW, Hazel looks like she is terrified on the bike with Matt - GET ME OUTTA HERE!

chris mitch travis cana said...

my heart still aches with yours. Your words are familiar and even in your suffering, you offer hope to my life. I repeat to you my bittersweet joy of seeing your Hazel..the age my Cana would be...and the hope you all bring as we journey on towards Heaven and our reunion with the one that's waiting for us.