Saturday, May 2, 2009


Do you see it? It’s there in my backyard. Can you see? Maybe I’m the only one, but I see it. Oh, it is so clear. There, filling my backyard & my home last weekend...
The face, touch, words, presence of a very real God, alive & bursting forth from His people.
This may seem like a dramatic description of my friends & of a simple gathering, but it is a very true description.

Monday was my half birthday. A strange thing to note, but when Eliot went home to be with Jesus it was October 27th, my actual birthday. In the past few years, despite the attempts to truly celebrate my birthday, it just never really turns out that way…which is fine, I’d much rather remember Eliot than my birthday. But what is fine to me is not fine to my husband.
So, this year he started something that I think is a wonderful idea. We will now celebrate my half birthday. He just failed to mention that fact until about 30 minutes before 40 of our friends showed up to celebrate. Yep, Matt threw me a surprise half birthday party for my 30th birthday.
Matt did what he does best...surprise me & make me feel so special & loved. The theme was “all things Ginny” so there was a ton of food, chocolate, desserts, & arsagas coffee. One of my favorite musicians of all times, Ben Rector, even came & did a “home show”. And, most importantly there were our friends. The people that knew Eliot, loved him & continue to love us through our missing him. So, to all these people, a half birthday surprise party isn’t strange at all. It’s just another leg of walking this road with us. These people continue to amaze me. They don’t claim to be amazing or think the way they love is exceptional at all…& you see, that’s why they are so amazing. The serving, the loving, it’s just part of who they are. To them, it’s as simple & commonplace as a blink of the eye or breathing in & out.
It’s Jesus.
Alive in them.
Speaking volumes of His love to me.

Here are some more pics of my surprise party.


mel @ the larson lingo said...

That is SO awesome! Way to go Matt, what a wonderful husband!
Happy (half) Birthday Ginny! Keep rockin' 29 for another 6 months...I only have 28 days left to rock mine :)
- melissa

Laurie in Ca. said...

How Sweet is Matt and his love for you?!! I love this idea of your half birthday being celebrated this way. I also love your backyard in your new home. So green and lush! And Hazel is just amazing and beautiful you guys. God bless your weekend!!

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Kelly said...

Oh Happy Half Birthday Ginny! And way to go Matt!! What a great idea.

Our sweet babies share the same Angel Day..October 27th, and like you Ginny, my b-day will never ever be the same again because my sweet Liberty died the day before my birthday, which is the 28th of Oct. I LOVE the idea of a half birthday! In fact, maybe I need to start celebrating my b-day at another time..its simply too hard when your heart is missing someone so tiny, so special and so loved.

You guys have an awesome family! Praying for you always! God bless and many hugs,

Anonymous said...

I found your blog after reading about Maddie Spohr - it's a subject close to my heart as my daughter was born at 25 weeks and passed away shortly after she was born. Your family is an inspiration to me - you give me hope.


Beth Goff said...

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Half Birthday!!!
How sweet of Matt... what a wonderful husband!

Erin said...

I love what you said about your friends being God's glory. Great description. Glad you had a fun little surprise!!! Matt's pretty creative!

Nicole from Rosemead, CA said...

Happy Belated Birthday Ginny!! I love reading your blogs. You guys give me hope to make it another day. God is using you guys to touch so many people.

Randi said...

Ginny, you look so pretty in green! Matt, what an awesome idea!

Anna said...

I love this idea!!! You guys are such an inspiration. Not only about hope after a tragic loss, but also in showing an example of how I believe God intends marriage to be.
I believe pain gives platforms. Have you ever heard of Kim Phuc? Google her name and you'll know exactly who I'm talking about. You've seen her picture before. I met her once.... she's the little girl in the middle of the picture. She is now in her 30s or 40s, and you wouldn't believe the platform God has given her because of her pain. She has been all over the world sharing her story, shared the love of Christ on national TV, sat with one of our world's kings and asked him directly if he knew whether or not he'd go to heaven. Wow. What a platform! That platform was born directly from her pain. If she hadn't endured this trial, her platform for Christ would exisit, but it would likely not be worldwide. And you have a platform. I love that you are using your experiences to bring God glory. He must be so proud of you guys. It challenges me to think about what platforms God has tried to give me through pain and wonder if I used it.

Keep it up. I love reading how God is working in your life. :)

Anna from NC

Mommy_of_YaDa said...

Blessings to you Ginny on your half-bday. I'm glad you enjoyed it. God is great isn't he? You have an amazing family

Anonymous said...

Happy half-Birthday, Ginny! Way to Go, Matt! So glad you had a reason to smile and feelin' so much love from our GREAT God and His people!

I think of you often and pray for you. Love in Christ, Amy

Jennifer said...

Oh that sounds like a wonderful time! What a blessing to have such a great group of people as friends...happy half birthday!

Chris, Kristin, and Emily said...

i LOVE it! how sweet is that to come up with and surprise you with all the faves?!

happy 1/2 birthday! :)

Melanie said...

happy birthday Ginny!

Sarah F Holt said...

I don't know why I read your posts. I always end up in tears. You and Carey Tomlinson. Love you Ginny! Happy Half Birthday!

Lori Harper said...

What a wonderful party!!! So sweet of your husband to do for you.

Unknown said...

Dear Matt and Ginny Mooney!

I watch Oprah's show today and I saw your amazing stroy,actually Eliot's amazing stroy and I must say that i got really acxited but most important for me was the massaged you guys are passing to us-Eliot was a real precious gift,and he was sent here by GOD to teach you and us so many things.
He unfortuentlly can't be physically with us but his spirit does forever.
I wish you the best and alot of joy and happiness from Eliot's sister and many more kids!!
I really got inspired by you guys!


best wishes from Israel!