Wednesday, August 26, 2009


MM: (now that Ginny & I blog together, at least in theory, this indicates that this is Matt writing).

Here's some lines I wrote recently.

I know this is a bit different tack than is normal, but if you know me, then you know that abnormal is the norm.

Not the mid-life crisis of our fathers:

it’s always funny till it’s you.
seeing others struggle with the quickened gait of father time.
slow down old man.

am I doing enough? slowing down enough?
and what precise number of daughter hand holds will suffice?
I have found no way to do all the things that matter.

I want to feed the poor.
travel the world.
raise her to know love.

I want to date my wife.
succeed at work.
meet all needs I know of.

but that filthy dog needs a bath.
and we surpassed the oil sticker 700 miles ago.

I am not battling male-pattern baldness.
rather, will my few moments be remarkable?
I despise whiter teeth or the cliché red convertible.
but aspire to do things that matter.

when my box door closes
will the few lines of text reserved for me
refer to a pristine terrier and a smooth running engine?


Erin said...

I believe my husband is right there with you. He's not going bald yet but you can see a white hair here and there. We have a 9 month old son. I think we'll always wonder if we're spending enough time with, giving enough hugs to, and giving enough kisses to him. I love the poem!

Bill Oldham said...

I am so in that poem. Thank you for reminding me of the brevity, gift and beauty of life.

Jusuf JK said...

I understand with your words about :"abnormal is the norm"

I know it's difficult for the 1st time, but when you used to be, its became norm to our life.

Jusuf JK

Sarah said...

There simply aren't enough hours in the day to do everything that matters - everything that needs to be done...
Moms feel this way too...