Wednesday, September 2, 2009

(Not so) Weekly Interrogative

Haven't posted a question in a while, here goes:

I recently realized that I basically go to the same 5 websites. Although I am perfectly fine with this, I figure I am missing out on some good stuff. So, favorite website we may not know of?

Comment and let me know, but:
#1 don't be trying to sell me something
#2 and no dirties


Donna said...

Love Ted Talks!

Here's one of my favorite talks:

RLR said...

Ahhhh, perhaps I read too many!

I enjoy the 'hyperlocal' blogs - my own town as well as places that I used to live.

Simple Mom, Simple Kids, Simple Net (I'd link if I could - they are all in the format)

Cooking blogs - I love Pioneer Woman and Crockpot 365.

My true faves - the ones I read EVERY time they show up in my reader - are the local blog for where I currently live, the blogs of my friends (IRL and bloggy) and low-degree-of-separation acquaintances. That's about 5 that I read on an every-time-they-post basis. I have loads more in my reader, but I skim the titles/first sentence or two and try to be selective.

online said...

I love

She cooks, takes photos, lives on a ranch and is a decent writer.
--Tracey K

Kim said...

Abraham Piper at

Ann Voskamp at

Sarah said...

If you're into funny

Kipplyn said...

christina said...
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Anonymous said...

i really love! it's the opposite of fmylife, and the stories on there are really amazing and uplifting!

Maggie45 said...

My absolute favorite:

MiniMe Mom said...

I love

a Christian mom-blogger keeping it real, and she is hilarious

Anonymous said...

I'm a HUGH Dave Ramsey fan and found this site to be sooo inspiring & helpful and its FREE.

llnoe = living like no one else

Melanie said...

who can resist free stuff

Beck said...

Matt, how you do feel about your obvious mom following? Just wondering. :)

I'm really bad. I read Dooce all the time...have for about 7 years. I check quite a few design blogs...if only to make me feel completely creatively inadequate. I follow Don Miller on twitter and check his blog from there. (as I believe you might already) But I mostly check the blogs of mutual friends.

Anonymous said... - never fails to make me laugh

Anonymous said...

check out He lost his wife 27 hours after their daughter was born. he's a little edgy but great writing and such a story. He is inspiring.