Tuesday, September 8, 2009

things I am enjoying lately...

Ginny & I have started listening to some church history cd's that Tommy Nelson taught on back in 1999. I'm on the third cd, and really enjoying it thus far. I have the cd's, but I am pretty sure you could listen here.

Also, enjoy this video. I try to surround myself with people more talented than myself. If you know me, this is not a hard goal; however, I have succeeded on many levels. This is just an example of one. With no further ado, hit it Ben.

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Jusuf JK said...

I'm surprise when you say :
"try to surround myself with people more talented than myself."

a lot people in this world, ex at Work.. do what the opposite..
because they want to show off (that I am the best among us)

your thinking way is so "atypical"
And I think this is Good and Open Minded way.

Nice to know there someone, that have that kind think..

JusufJK- Jakarta