Saturday, September 12, 2009

the latest happenings

GM: Very rarely in this life are we still. Quiet. Calm. Listening. The merry-go-round of life just goes & goes, only faster, never slower & all you hear is the hum of it going round & round & the loud background circus music. I'm nearly 5 months pregnant with an 11 month daughter, a dreamer husband, a little small business, friends that have not been called back, a home full of empty walls & a floor that needs to be repaired & laundry piled up...well, you get the idea. The carousel has been spinning & spinning for quite some time now and quite abruptly this week it stopped. It didn't just slow down, but rather came to a screeching halt.
Thursday night we had quite a scare. Essentially Matt & I thought we lost this baby. We rush to the hospital, barely breathing, praying, but not really knowing even how to pray. The doctor did an ultrasound & there it was...a strong beating heart & a healthy baby bopping around within my belly. The miracle of life is always amazing, but in the midst of all that fear & emotion it was truly beautiful, truly miraculous. Matt & I stood in awe & amazement. I am still in awe.
They found what's called a placenta previa. Essentially my placenta is in the wrong place & had caused hemorrhaging. It's a pretty common thing & we left a few hours later with instructions of bed rest. Not the kind of bed rest where you just take it easy, but the kind where you only move to go the bathroom & shower. Not sure how long this will be the case, but for now my life's present assignment is to care for & help Jesus make this baby by being still. Most respond with "oh I'm so sorry" or I even got a "you're gonna be SO bored!". But a little bedrest is nothing to be sorry about. We rejoice. In light of all we had thought on that breathless ride to the hospital; bedrest, ya know, is just no big deal. So we rejoice. I rest. We hope. I watch the beauty of a father & husband serving, loving recklessly. We pray a prayer of thanks & also of humbly asking God to protect this baby & my body.

It's amazing to me how true stillness can cause such stirring. It seems that as my body slows, my mind speeds. Nothing is without purpose & I feel as if my current quiet is no different. I anxiously await glimpses into Jesus' intent for my heart in this.
As I await & rest, I encourage you to join me & see what you may be missing out on. If you just thought, "I don't have time", then you really are the one that should join me...if you really think about it, you're not that busy.

Also, this bedrest may make me do crazy post more on here. I apologize ahead of time.


ViolinMama said...

Oh sweetie - interesting thing about carousels, those horses move up and down too - never stopping , just like life's ups and downs. I love how you embrace the stressors and make them victories! Keep up that winning and glorious attitude.

God must think you are pretty special - and I agree, your family is so special. God Bless you all! Rest well! You are covered in prayer!

Can't wait for the apologies needed ;)

Kenzie said...

Oh Ginny... Praise God for the sweet one growing inside, for the health and safety of this baby and for God's hand of protection. I was put on bedrest with Faith Clare at 26 weeks, just over 7 months after Maddox was born and died. My body had a lot, as has yours... and now it is your turn to sit back and just as you said, help Jesus grow this baby. I know the logistics aren't always easy, especially with H, but boy that time flies and soon it will all be just a sweet memory of the "quiet" with Jesus. Enjoy this time... you'll be PLENTY busy soon enough.

Lots of love and sweet prayers,

Joy said...

Love it. Love your perspective. It's inspiring. You guys are awesome. Praying for you and that sweet baby. And Matt & Hazel... love you all.

Beck said...

Ohhh, GM - I definitely hope to hear more posts from you, especially if slowing down is the focal point. Will keep praying for you as Baby Mooney continues to be knit together. Tell Matt we'll all be praying for him and Lil' Miss H as they get some extra bonding time.

Mandy said...

So glad everything was ok with that sweet baby you are carrying. I check in here on you guys and am so happy that you are adding to Eliott's sweet family. Praying for you tonight in GA.

Mandy Hopkins
Madeline's Mom

Rachel said...

That must have been quite a scare! Glad to hear the baby is doing well. I have been following your blog for a while and always enjoy reading it, so I look forward to more frequent posts! I love your positive, optimistic outlook on life and will be praying for your family and for a healthy, full-term pregnancy for you.

Rachel in TX

Heather said...

So glad to hear that the baby is okay and that you are too.

Trisha Larson said...

What you wrote really spoke to me. You see, my son Nate died almost 18 months ago (he was 25 days old). During my grieving, God keeps giving me PHIL 4:4 - Rejoice in the Lord, always. At first I couldn't rejoice about anything. It took a while but I've found that verse to be very key in my healing. It's taught me to focus on what God HAS given me and not what has been taken away. It's taught me that I can be happy despite my son dying.

So, I thank you for confirming Gods plan for me yet again.

Hugs and prayers to you!


Heather said...

What an amazing opportunity God has given you to bond with little baby Mooney while he/she is forming inside you. Speaking from personal experience, once you have that first baby subsequent pregnancies loose a little bit of their limelight because you are always on the move. You'll be able to feel more kicks, flutters and swooshes. You can be still, pray, sing and talk. You and Hazel (as much as she'll let you) can cuddle in bed and read baby Mooney stories. Awesome!

Prayers will be said that feelings of boredom are met with purpose, feelings of loneliness are met with companionship, feelings of wasted time are met with opportunities for work within your current abilities.

God anwsers prayers, better than we ever could.

Elle2702 said...

Ah! You all had scared me for a moment. I am glad to hear all is well even if it is at an inconvience. I was on bedrest with every kid I have been given and I always thought of it as the best vacation I was ever forced to do! I am a A type personality and I am not good at sitting still, my bedrest always came at the cost of going to the hospital and sitting for a week or so to slow down. I always had to tell myself, things will never be like this again. When the next child is born you can bet that life will increase in craziness exponentially so I had to make myself enjoy the rest. I hope you do as well. Also it is nice to hear you and Matt are human. You guys are, I know it and yet you have such a way of putting things into perspective or a way of being an example and a beacon of understanding and hope, that it is nice to know you have laundry that needs to be done as well as I. I need to know that you struggle with things I struggle with as well. The big stuff is inspiring, the little stuff makes you more human, I guess.
As that ommision is expressed, I thank you for the inspriation. I am currently struggling and I have found inspiration here as always. I love the attitude of this site, and I am praying for you. Don't forget, ask for help, many I am sure are willing to help! May you have continue to have patience in whatever you must do to bring that sweet baby here happy, healthy and strong! I think of you often from your post talking of not being exempt from lightening striking twice, that the fear in that there is nothing you can do, only what He can do, but you can have faith and trust, and that got me through two bedrests. I also learned to knit! LOL! Much love.

Ed said...

Great post and a great reminder. We all need to slow down and take in the miracles that happen all around us. Praise God that you and the baby are well, take advantage of this time that you have been given.

christina said...

i won't go in to the gruesome details but i had placenta previa with travis and at 13 weeks (the same time we got cana's diagnosis), we had the same scare and a very very long drive to the hospital. I got to be on bedrest for 9 weeks. I say "got to" because it was so nice to have to sit still. Then again, i didn't have an 11 month old loving the new method of travel and was able to nap with the best of em! oh how i miss those days...

i am anxious to have a "normal" pregnancy this time and if God graces us with such, i will offer up my moments of silence for you guys. Still feel connected to you. i know lots do. just thought i'd state the obvious! :)

Jusuf JK said...


I believe that everything is under GOD control, and everything happens in our life is a purpose driven life.
Believe that GOD design is what the Best for us.

I know that's easy to say what I talk about in our mouth, but its quite difficult when we, our self faced the problem.

Just wanna say that we : "all of your friend, parents, brothers and sisters always pray for you"

May GOD always protect you and family..

I also pray for the baby that will born healthy, strong and love for GOD and parents.

Your new friend
JusufJK fr Jakarta.

Chris and Lindsey Wheeler said...

Ginny, I am so thankful that your sweet baby is okay with a strong heart beat!! Chris and I will be praying for you during your time of "REST" should write a book!! :-) We will also be praying for the little life inside of you....for health and strength.


Shane and Ashley Bray said...

Ginny, Just wanted to let you know you are in my prayers as well as the church's. Easier said than done, enjoy this time b/c life will be more joyfully hectic soon enough. Hopefully, the rest will not be long and you will have time to enjoy the naps with Hazel.

Jennifer Perkins said...

For a long time, I have been fighting the Lord over the state of my health ~the lack of it, really. We have been praying so hard for healing, with no direct physical results. More and more, I am hearing from the Lord to make peace with where I am. And here you are, rejoicing over not only your healthy baby, but also the stillness your increased bedrest will bring.

Again, I think that right here in the example of your positive attitude is the still, quiet voice of my Lord's answer.

Time after time, you have been an incredible example to me, and I have been sorry to lose touch with you. I wanted you to know how much I have admired your faithful attitude, and that I will be praying for you and your new little one, just as I have rejoiced over little Hazel from afar.

I pray for God's abundant blessings upon you all. (And I hope you will continue writing.)

Jennifer (Mercer) Perkins

For You have formed my inward parts,
You have covered me in my mother's womb;
I will praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Marvelous are Your works,
And that my soul knows very well.

Psm. 139: 13-14

Country Gone City said...

Great perspective and even greater attitude. Enjoy your time of rest, and please post more... it's very slow for me at work, and I could use the distraction!

Susie (Anna's friend)

Heather Rose Chase said...

Wow, I'm so grateful baby is okay. I had placenta previa with my second born when my active first born was 2 years old. The hard part was not the months of bed rest but the fear of dissapointing him when I went from being active mommy to couch mommy. In the end, everything was fabulous. God bless you guys and thank you for sharing and letting us pray for you.

Katie C. said...

I remember thinking bedrest sounded like an awesome answer, when I went to the hospital with bleeding in August (I was 10 weeks pregnant. The doctor said that if the baby was all right, I would probably be on bed rest the remainder of my pregnancy. This little glimmer of hope arose in my soul - after thinking that for certain my baby was dead - the idea of bed rest made me so happy. Then he did the ultrasound and our worst fears were realized. Our baby had perished - its heart had stopped beating two weeks before and we never even knew it. My dreams of bed rest were shattered.

So I understand how you are so grateful for bed rest. Grateful that the Lord is giving you a chance to take it easy and allow your precious one to grow and thrive.

I would have been due in February like you - so I look forward to hearing how you progress. I just found your blog and you two are so amazing and inspiring. You give me so much hope!