Friday, February 27, 2009

Sorry if you have dial up (#5)

Possibly a little easier to remember, you can find us now at:

MM:  Since Ginny and I are both writing here now, we will both try to put the initials of the one posting.  However, it could be a fun game if we don't.

7 Posts in 7 days:
By now you may know, we are doing seven posts in seven days.  Although it has required some added thought to the typical day, it has been a fun adventure.  So, come back tomorrow....or don't.

Encountering Light:
I recently spoke at our church.  As if blogging isn't narcissistic enough, I thought I would throw the audio up here.  Although me teaching on Acts is not worthwhile, I did get to interview a friend of mine to illustrate what life change can look like.  If you skip me (and who could blame you), I do encourage you to watch the video.  Great story.  Great guy.  If you choose to listen, you will want to hold off the video and watch it when I refer to it.  


While I'm at it.
We have recently had the opportunity to speak about a topic that one would rather not be the poster child for:  grief, loss, and life afterward.  It is never exciting, but always an honor to get to share Eliot's story as well as ours.  

If anyone in the blogosphere finds themselves in Wisconsin, we are headed to the Milwaukee area on March 29 to speak at Spring Creek Church.  

Since, I am loading you up on the media, here is the audio from a church we got to share with in Illinois (great people by the way).  We did a Q&A format, which was fun.  I am saying, "we", but actually Ginny was feeling a little too pregnant at the time to participate.  

Listen or Download (Recycled series)


kaw said...

I was wondering if you were going to make it today! :)

Come speak in Alabama!

Kim Watkins

Ray, Megan and Ruby Denise said...

so glad to see the updates - i hadn't checked in a while...and got more than i bargained for :)

hazel is precious.

your words are always eye-opening...thank you for your insight...I often think about your post about being 'safe' when I start to let fear creep into my mind...and your recent post about not fitting the norm spoke to something that has been weighing on my mind for some time