Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fayetteville glow

MM: A storm rolled through this evening right at dusk. We snapped some photos in amazement of the colors. It was quite a spectacular site with the whole sky ablaze with oranges and deep reds.

The three of us are heading to Waco, Texas tomorrow. I am doing a wedding for some good friends of ours. Should be a great time. I have been working on my attitude about officiating a wedding- which whispers to me that all you can do at a wedding is screw it up. Seriously, what is a "good wedding" where something doesn't go wrong. My furrowed brow turned the corner somewhat this morning as I did some last minute preparation for the ceremony. I realized how much I love my own marriage. And if I can help start someone else down that path in any way, then fantastic. With that said, I am crossing my fingers that I don't head to the bathroom with my mic on.

The high is 98. The wedding is outside. My suit is black. Weight loss is good.


Heather said...

Safe travels to y'all! Waco is only about 30 mins from where we live! It is going to be super hot! Sorry you have to wear black! Hope the rain tonight doesn't change the venue!

glink said...

Travel safely. I'm from South Africa and have just watched a re-broadcast of Oprah's show about Elliot. You and your lovely wife have my love and respect. Bless you both, and bless your angel Elliot. Youa re all an inspiration beyond measure.

Living4god78 said...

Hi my name is Jennifer,I just watched Oprah's show.May God Bless you all and little Elliot.He will always be remembered as a Miracle.Thank's for sharing your video of him on YOUTUBE.Stay strong and God Bless,
Jennifer Cocke in Pulaski,Virginia

Anonymous said...

I just saw your Eliot VDO on an Oprah rerun... Modern media means you can never forget. As a surviving child and friend of another surviving child who now suffers OCD and innumerable guilts, I urge you to focus on Hazel. You seem to be doing that quite well, but media Eliot will persist. The difficult times are age 10, or when society teaches guilt, 13 and perhaps 25. I was 7 when I lost my always-to-be- favorite brother, she was 18 months, so her guilt was transferred to her by her parents. So much wasted energy! Thank you for sparing Hazel such grief!!

KRajer said...

Matt and Ginny -
I just happened to flip on the tv today and caught a little bit of oprah, and I have to tell you, I was bawling when your video was over. You are 2 very amazing parents. You have taught me to live each day to the fullest, and really appreciate everyone and everything in your life, and to not worry about yesterday or tomorrow.

Seeing you two has really restored my faith and trust in God. I have never seen 2 more faithful and loving people than you. Knowing that God does work beyond our comprehension and can bring us through anything and everything is amazing.

Thank you for being such an inspiration to millions of people now. Thank you for bringing your faith in God on tv, and for giving me hope again. I am truly sorry for your loss, and joyed with your beautiful little addition. Cherish her.

God bless.

Tyler Ly said...

I don't know you but I love you all.

Nicole said...

You two are a wonderful couple, i just read through all of your blog posts and every baby picture of hazel i'm balling my eyes out in happiness over your miracle. The gift of your new baby and i love the tone in the way both of you write, not only are your hearts huge but you are both intelligent, thoughtful, kind, and open people. I am so grateful I was able to see your story this afternoon on Oprah, because your story has made me view things I have been worried and stressed about in my life recently a bit different in a way I can be more grateful for today. Thank you and keep that spirit you seem to have.

Bless you.
a college student from New Jersey

Amber said...

Mooneys -- so glad to have found your blog and to see you are enjoying a daughter! God Bless you all.

Barclee said...
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Barclee said...

i am sure i am not the first stranger to comment, and probably wont be the last. I also watched Oprah and was so very touched by the 99 balloons video. Your love for your son as well as your love for Christ was overwhelming and I want you to know, it has made a difference in my little Canadian life. When your wife said "i chos to be sad later" i cannot express how that will affect my life. Thank you so much.

hilary said...

matt & ginny (and little h),
I would love to hear more about your rEcess nights. I am thinking about trying to organise something similar in my hometown (in australia).
much love from down under
x x