Saturday, June 27, 2009

Back home (kind of)

MM: Ginny & H went on to meet up with family in Michigan; I will be joining them for the week of the 4th. Glad to be home. Lots to process.

Here are some pics from the NY trip. I decided since the city can seem so big and overwhelming to photograph, I would focus on one street. So here is a glance at a stroll on 54th, from 6th to the water. What can I say? I like the cabs.


ViolinMama said...

Welcome home! What a trip and loved seeing you all on TV. Eliot did it again. You four are an amazing team!


Tracy Carson said...

You guys were great on Today! So encouraged to see the Lord's glory being displayed in and through your lives on national TV!

Julie said...

Welcome home and hope you have a great trip for the 4th! Saw you guys on the Today show - what a wonderful tribute to Eliot's life! Hazel was pretty darn cute, too! :)

meloro6 said...

Today Shawn would be 9 years old,we'll bring him balloons to the cemetary and send all 9 to him and his little brother.I am sad but today we celebrate his short life not mourn-thank you for that!!!