Tuesday, June 2, 2009


We are enjoying all of the things that summer brings with it: eating on the deck, shorts, flip flops, and longer days. It all seems to fly by as of late. I am sure I am to blame some conglomeration of busyness, getting older or life with a drooler.

Ginny is beautifully juggling motherhood and jewelry design (www.theadditionshop.com) along with the numerous items to which I commit her. I am enjoying both of my jobs: working with communities for my church and business consulting (www.brandvillages.com) with companies and individuals who need some outside perspective. It is two very different worlds in which I dance; however, I do enjoy them both, even though as in literal dancing, I feel as if I am prone to step on some toes occasionally throughout the waltz. My default line about my jobs when persons ask…and they do constantly ask, and they do constantly stare blankly at my attempt at an answer…is that I work with great people at both of my jobs. Without a doubt, the future of my life- if allowed- will be well served by the time spent with the folks that I get to surround myself with (insert pay raise here). And, no, I am not currently practicing law.

On the consulting side, we are currently developing a new offering by which we can assist corporations & individuals with strategy development and problem solving with much less travel. It is aimed at being able to assist non-profits at a lower cost to them. Possibly boring to you, but exciting to me because it could allow a chance for more involvement sans traveling (which I do not mind, but the 2-job thing will not allow much of).

I’ve also been working out for the first time in a decade. I have always been active, but pretty much just ran and played basketball. Nothing else. I am not committed, but so far that has worked well for me. It is a total mind game with myself to do a workout. I have done a week’s worth of P90X. I hate it. If I ever see the leader guy- the one whose muscle-size is only matched by the size of his teeth. I might think about punching him. Of course, this would be the end of my life, but I would have to think about it. The mind games I must play include being mad at someone or something. Unfortunately, he is the current target of my rage. Of course, I could have targeted my own laziness or affinity for white chocolate, but I chose him instead. As I said, these are deep and troubled waters to wade into in order to see what it has taken me to workout. Stay posted. My money is on me being a quitter.

Recently, Hazel has not been feeling too well. Typical baby stuff. She has a couple crooked teeth sneaking into her mouth, and some stomach issues. This season with her has been so much fun. She acknowledges mom & dad and, even cuddles when she doesn’t feel well. This is big. She is typically way too busy and curious to cuddle. So, I hate that she doesn’t feel good, but I’ll take the effects.

Ginny & I had the opportunity to speak on grief recently at Tyson Inc. Yes, the largest meat provider is right here in good ole Northwest Arkansas. Apologies to all vegetarians and vegans. I am not sure what the marketing pitch looked like for this one but I can only imagine…on your lunch break, come hear about loss and grief and grab some tenders. With that said, people actually showed up. It is always extremely hard & gratifying to share of our son and of losing him.

In regards to the everyday and not really the speaking stuff.- for us, it is never harder to talk of Eliot. Always harder not to. I think some people think that when he comes up, they have opened up a sore subject that we would rather they not. But the truth is, it is a sore subject, if by “sore” you mean it hurts. However, the myth is that one could never bring it up. It is always sore and always on our mind. Thus, we prefer to talk about, remember, and acknowledge our son every time it is possible. I do think we may sometimes skirt bringing him up, but it is a sacrifice done for the other person, not out of preference.

No question this week. I am open to suggestions.

-->above is Matt writing, but I (Ginny) just hacked into his post to add some pictures of Hazel. the first is sad b/c she's crying but i couldn't help myself b/c it was a sure way of capturing the teeth. the last is her 2 cowlicks that swirl into a fabulous mohawk.


Laurie in Ca. said...

Hi Matt,

This is a great update in the lives of the Mooneys. It sounds like you have found the balance in your daily routines and being summer is definitely a big plus! Hazel is growing so beautifully and fast and I am sure brings much joy to you and Jen. Eliot always has a special place in my heart and I can't see balloons without thinking of him. He taught me how to seek out other parents of Trisomy babies and pray for them. I have made so many wonderful friendships online as I have followed these journeys of joy and heartache, hoping and praying and encouraging as much as I can. I love Eliot for this. And I love that you guys so generously shared your little warrior with us, changing me forever. Have a great week you guys.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Alejandro Salas said...

Hi Matt,

greetings from cd. victoria Tamaulipas, Mexico. Eliot has inspired my life and gives me great pleasure to see how God blessed them and restored. blessings for you, Ginny and Hazel.
Count on me bro. Sincerely, Alejandro Salas.. asalas@jebla.com
(excuse my English)

Randi said...

I love talking about Eliot and talk and think of him often.
Hazel is gorgeous. I love seeing photos of her. She is growing up so quickly!

chris mitch travis cana said...

#1-GREAT comment on the tenders and grief talk. really funny. what would we do without funny?

#2-what amazing cowlicks! I LOVE IT!

#3-thank you for always letting us into your hearts. I love that i can connect with you, and i hate it all at the same time. You get this, i'm sure.

#3.5-because i am still new to the blogging world, i haven't yet opened up too much about how we are handling this stage of our grief. But please visit us when you can. I hope to offer you all a glimpse of our sorrow and joy all for His glory.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics of Hazel, her little chompers are so cute. I don't know if you've tried these or not but Hyland's Teething Tablets are an absolute MUST for babes cutting teeth. If you've not tried them then go and get some!

Carey said...

I will second the teething tablet's they work wonders for our Emerson. It was nice to see yall at the wedding. We are also trying our hand at p90x. the first week i hated it too. but now it has become a love hate relationship :) it works if you can stick with it!
Hazel is adorable! and i totally understand not skirting the issue of someone you've lost. it is painful and sore, but at the same time you want that person to be remembered. you want others to know how special they were!

MSameiro said...

Dear Ginny and Matt, I only heard about Eliot's story a few days ago as Ophra's show comes with a significant delay in Portugal. I would just like to thank you for your loving example... Margarida, Lisbon, Portugal

hannahlicious said...

Dear Ginny and Matt,
i've only heard about Eliot through my friend's blog.
I just want you to know that eventhough i'm at the other side of the world, you've really touched my heart and Eliot will always be in my mind.
Love all the way from, Malaysia.

Sarastamps said...

Love Hazel's double crowns!! My nephew has the same and my sister has to keep his hair cut really short there to keep his mohawk down!

Bre from FL said...

I actually just watched your video 99 balloons after seeing it on the bumpersticker section on Myspace. Wow it brought me to tears. My daughter was in NICU for 4 months before coming home. She was born at 1 lb 3 oz. You story is truly amazing and how wonderful it must be to have those 99 days with Eliot when the dr's said it wouldn't be that long. He was sure lucky to have you both as parents as you can tell just from the video how much he was truly loved. Hazel is beautiful and may God continue to bless you and be with you always. Bre (Brezy1479@aol.com)

Barb said...

Love the last picture of the hair. My almost two year old grandson's hair grows the same way. The swirls are a little bit closer. He has two choices for hair cuts. He either has to have it cut short or wear his hair long. I'm sure he's going to love that hair growth pattern when he gets older.

Becca said...

Hi Matt and Ginny-
This is my first comment on your blog. I saw your video months back of Eliot and tonight I finally caught it on Oprah. Making both Oprah AND Celine Dion cry it must of been an inspiring video!! Eliots video made me cry like a baby! What a beautiful video capturing Eliots days on earth. I see that you had a baby girl!!!Hazel is adorable.
Thank you again for sharing Eliots life with the world