Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunsets, long-sleeves, and lots of food

MM: The title pretty much sums up our time here in Petoskey, Michigan. It has been so fun to join the gals. Miss Thing is loving the never-ending supply of attention she receives from Ginny's family. Her attempt to perfect the army crawl has continued, and she has recently pulled up to a standing position for the first time.

Seems a lifechanging moment is on the horizon as she learns to walk. I am always bouncing between two opposing hopes for my daughter. Half the time, I find myself hoping time will freeze due to intermittent, hypothetical flash forwards of adolescence. So I wink and tell her to stay here forever. The other half is spent begging her to grow up, so I can take her to a game, have a conversation, and know what she is thinking. But, in truth, both options are just fine. I am just glad to know her today, and look forward to the days ahead. It seems that all roads ahead are bearable, as long as she continues to choose to walk towards me.

And this is why I continue to know that writing is good for me. I was just going to give an update, but got sidetracked by my ever-growing gal. The exercise forces me to think through what is only a fleeting thought otherwise.

Well, on to bed. And to those of you in anyplace like Arkansas...get this: I wore long sleeves and a jacket tonight. So good.


Lorelei said...

Matt, it's so good to hear of Hazel... and of course see pictures. Can't wait to meet her. I'm so jealous that you're in Michigan with that amazing weather. I'm in Houston, where 95 degrees feels like 150... Enjoy it.

jamilyn said...

I felt the same way about my little girl when she was that age. Now she's 4 and constantly tells me what she's thinking (and it's usually the opposite of what I want her to think...and also a bit sassy) and I'm kinda missing those days when she didn't speak quite as much. haha

Oh..and I'm in south Louisiana and I DID NOT wear long sleeves today. LOL

Carey said...

I can so relate to that post. My sweetie is just a few weeks behind Hazel and just thinking about crawling and pulling up...I keep telling my husband I want a pause button. I love here at this age right here, but I also want to see what kind of girl and then woman she is going to grow up to be! Cool sounds good, but we loved our day on the water tubing too :)

kaw said...

Well of course I'm completely jealous of the long sleeves!

And I know how you feel about wanting to freeze/fast forward with Hazel! I'm pretty sure it's a normal parent thing to feel! Sometimes I miss the days when Thomas didn't talk constantly, but it is so fun that he's to the age where he could enjoy fireworks with us this weekend. And he does say some pretty hilarious and sweet things...And some days I wish Mae was mobile, quickly followed by a "What the heck am I thinking?!?!" So, like you we're just enjoying the moments that we have!

And part of Eliot's legacy has been reminding Brax and me over and over again that each moment is God given and we're not guaranteed the next, so enjoy what we've got. Thanks again for sharing him with so many people!

Glad you're having fun!

Robert J. Moeller said...

Hey, I randomly found your blog today and I'm glad that I did. Very interesting stuff. I'm a conservative blogger and seminary student in Chicago ( Keep up the good work!

Tiffany said...

Hi Matt I have just got done reading all your posts starting from the beginning. I found your blog when I was reading suburban parent at my doctors office. I was waiting for the Dr to come in when I started reading Eliot's story. I began crying in the doctors office. My doctor walks in and asks why I am crying I showed her your section in the magazine. she read it and began to cry too...she is my OB/GYN and knows all about trisomy 18. We talked about it for awhile and when I got home I had to go to your website and read all of your blogs. I had my son Cooper December 5th 2008. I just wanted to tell you that Eliot's Story has touched me so deeply. I am a Christian and lately I have gotten so caught up in life that I have pushed God aside. Eliot's story has really made me realize how precious life is and to cherish everyday I have with my son. You and your wife have brought me back to a place that I have pushed aside. I want to tell you that I think you and your wife are the strongest people I know. I will never forget Eliot and I hope you guys enjoy little MISS THING. Eliot will always watch over her and guide her through life. Thank you again for sharing your story.

Tiffany Wooten
Fort Worth TX