Friday, October 2, 2009

thirty thanks

A friend of mine keeps a blog completely of lists…and I love it. Not sure why, but it intrigues me and even when the topic is seemingly not that interesting, it is really interesting. So this post is a little random list of some of my most recent bedrest observations. I do not presume that this is interesting, but I guess you never know.

Things in my normal life that I usually take for granted, but bedrest has reminded me that I am really really really grateful for:

1. An incredible husband (think I’m just saying that? wrong, see previous post).
2. 2 incredible kids. (almost 3)
3. Serving Matt.
4. Caring for Hazel. (see #11-17)
5. How many people I know & love.
6. How many people I know & love that are really fun to hang out with.
7. How many people I know & love that are really fun to hang out with & go out of their way to stop by my house.
8. The windows in my living room.
9. The view out the window from my living room. (trees, leaves falling, clouds, sun, squirrels)
10. Where I live. (Close enough to the university to hear ballgames, frat parties, etc.
11. Bathing Hazel.
12. Feeding Hazel.
13. Holding Hazel.
14. Dancing around the living room Hazel.
15. Playing with Hazel.
16. Changing Hazel’s diapers.
17. Swinging at the park with Hazel.
18. I can read.
19. I can see.
20. I can smell.
21. I can think…well, most of the time.
22. Cooking.
23. Walking.
24. Books.
25. Driving.
26. Restaurants.
27. Grocery shopping.
28. Cleaning. (this one is so shocking)
29. Shoes. (I guess more specifically I’m thankful for typically having a reason to wear them)
30. i get to be a part of God making another person! May I never overlook this gift...amazing!


christina said...

#30 - Right? That He lets us be part of it all? right there with ya.

Trisha Larson said...

I REALLY need to do this! Been trying to focus a lot on Phil 4:4 - Rejoice in the Lord, always. This is exactly what I am trying to do.

Thank you for being a messenger from God. You are an inspiration and I hope to get as far down that grief path as you are one day. I'm 18 months out ...this week.


mel said...

I love making LISTS!!! And, having a blog of just lists? I love it. Your list is great Ginny & offers great perspective. Thank you for sharing!

Joy said...

Definitely interesting.

Love this. Love your perspective in all this. It's inspiring. Love your guys bless us like crazy.

Golden Paperclip said...

I am thankful for the video "99 balloons." I know that lots of people have told you guys that but that is the single most inspirational thing I have ever seen in my life. I never used to cry but now that I have three little girls I cry all the time, I admit it. The part that makes me cry and the reason I bring up the video sometimes is that Matt and Ginny's love for Eliot reminds me of Gods love. I always struggle with significance and feeling I am important to God but when I watch the video I see how much care Matt and Ginny have for little Eliot and how signficant the baby is made to feel and I think God loves me like that. So thank you for the reminder, any time I want to pull it up and watch it (and have a good cry)

Teresa said...

Hello Mooney' don't know me, but I just wanted to let you know both know how much your video of Eliot touched me. I am a NICU nurse and intimately aware of babies just like Eliot. The first time I watched the video at fellowship..I just wept because of the great love that you showed your sweet boy and because I had held sweet babies like him and stood by parents as they said goodbye. In caring for babies like Eliot, I always wanted them to have especially tender and loving parents....I am so thankful that Eliot was born to you and that you were able to share that great love with him. Some of my fondest memories in the NICU are from holding and caring and loving babies like him. It is a unique thing to be able to touch a life that is not destined to spend long on this earth. It is something that truly changes you.

Kimberly said...

Watched your video in Sunday School this morning with our teenagers at church, for the last few weeks we have been studying "Job" and "Thankfulness" Our youth pastor found your video and shared it with our teens. It touched me deeply, and I wanted to know more. Thank you for sharing your faith and life with others. May God bless you and your family.