Sunday, April 19, 2009

Painting of Pain

With all the unwanted spare time of both Miss Things still traveling, here is something I have been meaning to put up here. Here is the link to the podcast from our time in Milwaukee in which we both spoke on grief.

The Question

In light of the post below...

What is one thing you wish someone would have told you prior to marriage?
OR (In order to not discriminate against the singles)
What is one thing you would really like to know before even thinking about marriage?

8 years...longer than some

MM: I just found out that Ginny & Hazel will not make it home for another day. They are in New Orleans for a wedding, and Continental Airlines is deadset on proving their incompetency. OK, I will not go further down that road, as to keep the blog PG. It's just one day, however, when you are expecting to pick them up in a couple of hours, it is frustrating.

Ginny and I are quickly approaching our 8 year anniversary (April 28). I am one who thinks anniversaries are most definitely worth celebrating. Every since we hit around two weeks of marriage, I have been saying, "longer than some"...and then throwing in some snide remark about such-and-such celebrity who was married for like an hour, or week, or whatever.

The topic of marriage has been forced onto both of our minds as of late. Two couple friends of ours are on the cusps of marriage. We have had the honor of meeting with both of the wide-eyed lovebirds, and pathetically attempting to prepare them for this thing that you can only try to explain, but we all know you don't quite get it until you're in it.

This phenomenon is precisely why pre-marriage counseling is such a funny deal. I liken it to packing a van for a lifelong roadtrip. We are honestly not sure what all you will need, and we know that you won't know yourself until the very moment you need it. What is exciting about packing a can opener? Well, when your flippin' starving, and you need it to eat, now it looks pretty handy, huh? With that said, anyone who has attempted this pre-marriage preparation feels a huge obligation to pack that van to the brim with any and every can opener imaginable.

Of all the stuff that we were told prior to marriage, the thing that has stuck was the advice that most problems in marriage will originate from the trio of in-laws, sex, and money. Of course, at the time, we rolled our eyes at the sinfulness of the pastor marrying us...we loved our families, couldn't imagine why sex was on the list, and didn't have any money anyway.

Unfortunately, the joy of packing vans for marriage trips is not the only reason marriage has frequented the recesses of our minds. We have also been witness to the implosion of some marriages around us as of late. Friends, who just could not figure out this thing of marriage for themselves. It is so hard to stand on the sidelines and watch such a thing occur.

Marriage can be the greatest or worst move for someone. It is difficult, and wonderful. It is hard, and worth fighting for. Able to strip you down naked faster than bees in boxers.

With that said, I can honestly say today that I am a huge fan of my marriage. I have no doubts that I owe that feeling to two individuals, and really just one. Ginny, for her unending love and patience with me. Jesus, for changing my life and my wife's as well.

Longer than some.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a big deal birthday

today, Hazel is 6 months old. that may not seem like that big of a deal to turn 6 months all the time. but i assure you that to us, it is huge. our hearts leap in celebration of 6 whole wonderful months with eliot's kid sister. gratefulness to the One who gives her & us breath & life & purpose are exploding from the Mooney house today.

we continue to be very aware that we are "those parents"...who are unashamedly gaga over her & can't take enough pictures. here are a few from today.
Happy 6 month Birthday Hazel

Monday, April 6, 2009

Stop the Insanity

MM: Was watching North Carolina put it to Michigan State, and decided to rip of the new neighbor's internet and sneak in a post.

We have been moving out of our rent house, living out of suitcases as the paint crew did their thing, and moving in to the new place. Couple that with traveling, and the Mooney family is one tired bunch.

Quirky Question of the Week:
Continuing with our weekly question and seeking your feedback, we'll play a game of "you pick it". We'll provide two questions and you pick one or both and let us know what you think. We have home on the head, so humor us:

#1 Rent or Buy? And why?
#2 What things have you done (or seen done) in order to make a house feel more peaceful oasis than Grand Central Station?

***due to comments, I have realized that #2 insinuated that our house feels like Grand Central Stations; that is actually not what I meant. Although, at times it does feel as such, for the most part, we both strive to make our home a peaceful place. It's just that we are constantly looking for new ways to do this even better.