Thursday, May 21, 2009

Long weekend in Lake Providence & a question for you.

Thought I would drop an update. We are heading to Lake Providence for a wedding this weekend. We will be the ones with a U-Hail trailor, truck, and a babyseat. Should be a fun drive.

Lots of thoughts for Ginny and I swirling around lately. I expect these thoughts could give birth to some blog posts soon. We recently have been challenged in some great ways to live out what we profess. We're interested to see where we are led by way of these thoughts. Should be fun. If this all sounds cryptic. Well, it is.

I still have not forgotten that I owe an explanation by way of a post to some folks who I have promised to do so and respond to their question of how eliot's life and all that it entailed actually glorified God at all. It is a great question. And obviously, I have many thoughts on this topic...but I have yet to respond. I can only attempt to explain my failure to respond by pointing out the fact that I have a couple jobs, a baby, and by restating the fact that I am irresponsible.

It is such a fun time with Hazel right now. I mean every day is just so great. She has maintained her greatest skill: eating. Her smile cannot be explained. Her hair is fighting to continue its 7-month stand atop her head. Although, gravity will soon win out, we are enjoying it while it last. She travels well. Sleeps sporadically. Hates changing clothes (especially the sleeves). She scoots backwards. Cannot crawl forward despite all efforts otherwise. Pretty much she is awesome.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Enjoy those you love, and forget the fact that the house is messy.

By way of question, I will pull a temporary cop-out and ask you to explain how our son's life (and ultimate death) glorifies God. Be careful. Bumper sticker theology will not suffice for this one. Don't let that last statement scare you off. Give it a shot. Why does it?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Weekly Interrogative

MM: The vacations have been great. I highly recommend everyone taking a break and getting away with the ones you love. There will always be excuses not to. But I intend it to be high priority around the Mooney house.

So, I have a question for you. We'll try to start posting these on Wednesdays so you can know when one is coming. Today's question may seem to have bad timing, but I assure you it is purposeful. I waited until after all the election fireworks to ask it:

What do you think a Christian's role in politics should be?

Your answer can tackle a specific aspect or the whole enchilada. Short. Long. Whatever. Any quotes, book recommendations, scripture references or persons of interests would be greatly appreciated.

By the way, don't assume this question is for believers only. I would love to hear input from folks who don't consider themselves Christians.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the beach

last week we went on our first ever family vacation. matt, hazel & i loaded up with two other families & drove to florida to spend a few days. it was spectacular...& with 6 adults & 6 kids a bit of beautiful chaos as well. friends, sun, sand, ocean, pool, bikes, games, laughter, the smell of sunscreen & sweat & the feel of the sea breeze. it was a great vacation. yet, as with everything in our lives from here on out, there is the ache of missing eliot. the ache ebbs & flows with the days & seasons. this ache seemed a bit heightened in my heart while on our vacation. when you go as a family of 3 on vacation & you are a family of 4 - the difference, the absence, is felt. it's difficult to explain with words, just like every aspect of grief, of the missing. we drove back on mothers day. the vacation & mothers day were both wonderful & joyous...& sad...& i guess that's the way it goes without him.

here are a few fun in the sun pics.
hazel LOVED the water. she splashed & kicked & had a blast. she also LOVED being around all the other kiddos...she is not nearly as entertained this week.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Do you see it? It’s there in my backyard. Can you see? Maybe I’m the only one, but I see it. Oh, it is so clear. There, filling my backyard & my home last weekend...
The face, touch, words, presence of a very real God, alive & bursting forth from His people.
This may seem like a dramatic description of my friends & of a simple gathering, but it is a very true description.

Monday was my half birthday. A strange thing to note, but when Eliot went home to be with Jesus it was October 27th, my actual birthday. In the past few years, despite the attempts to truly celebrate my birthday, it just never really turns out that way…which is fine, I’d much rather remember Eliot than my birthday. But what is fine to me is not fine to my husband.
So, this year he started something that I think is a wonderful idea. We will now celebrate my half birthday. He just failed to mention that fact until about 30 minutes before 40 of our friends showed up to celebrate. Yep, Matt threw me a surprise half birthday party for my 30th birthday.
Matt did what he does best...surprise me & make me feel so special & loved. The theme was “all things Ginny” so there was a ton of food, chocolate, desserts, & arsagas coffee. One of my favorite musicians of all times, Ben Rector, even came & did a “home show”. And, most importantly there were our friends. The people that knew Eliot, loved him & continue to love us through our missing him. So, to all these people, a half birthday surprise party isn’t strange at all. It’s just another leg of walking this road with us. These people continue to amaze me. They don’t claim to be amazing or think the way they love is exceptional at all…& you see, that’s why they are so amazing. The serving, the loving, it’s just part of who they are. To them, it’s as simple & commonplace as a blink of the eye or breathing in & out.
It’s Jesus.
Alive in them.
Speaking volumes of His love to me.

Here are some more pics of my surprise party.