Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the latest & the greatest

the latest:
so what i affectionately call the "bedrest journey" continues at the mooney household. we went in to the doctor last week & there was no change with the placenta previa. we left there with a better understanding of what is going on, since the info received before pretty much was in the midst of a scary unexpected trip to the hospital. at this appointment, we were able to sit & ask our doctor (side note: this incredible, God-send woman who delivered eliot & hazel & has walked through a lot with us) to explain further what happened & what is the skinny on the situation. the short of it is that there are 2 things that make this placenta previa a bit precarious...1. how early in the pregnancy it is (i am almost 21 weeks) & 2. that there has already been hemorrhaging. so i continue to sit & we day by day are learning a completely new way to do life with mom on the couch. more on this later...but for now, the real reason i got on here...

the greatest
he hands me a cup of water & i spot her drool on his arm. i lay here & he glances my way while rushing through our house with her in his arms. his eyes are tired, but it would take a lot for him to actually admit his exhaustion. he pushes through the unique challenges of our new way of doing life with such humility, determination, & love. at the same time, he's honest in the difficult moments. he schedules the baby's week with moms-day-out, grandparents, friends, & sitters so he can attempt to work & oh, i don't know, make a living in the midst of this. he comes home from work. he lays on the floor so she can crawl over him, around him & then up to his face. they laugh together & play for a while. he empties the dishwasher, then fills it. all the while with the little girl pulling on the leg of his jeans that really need to be thrown in the wash. he prepares my dinner, he prepares her dinner. he feeds her, bathes her, puts her to bed, then actually feeds himself. he picks up from her dinner, sweeps the millions of cheerios from underneath her highchair, then does more dishes, then a little laundry, then putting away the toys.

all the while, i sit & i watch. he does that which i currently can not. i watch him do the routine daily things with her that i took for granted & now miss terribly. i watch him serve me & wonder what it now looks like for me to be his wife when all i've ever known is what i now can not do. it's only a short while. in my head i know that, but my heart is having a hard time adjusting to my role as a mom & wife completely redefined...even if it's only a short while. i wonder a lot. my mind goes all kinds of places & most of these are places that blur the picture before me.
in front of my very eyes is something spectacular that i've been too immersed in myself to see.
yes, it's matt.
yes, it's the greatest, out-of-this-world daddy.
yes, it's the greatest husband who relentlessly loves his wife.
but really, when the picture focuses just a little, i see that it's actually Jesus. it's been Him all along.

Matt's birthday was a week ago. All that I had planned for his birthday wasn't possible. Therefore, from his wife on his birthday, he received, for the first time ever...nothing. So this post is a little insight into our lives as of late, but is more than that, it's a birthday present of sorts. A "thank you". A "love you". if you so choose to comment, wish him a belated birthday with me.

Monday, September 14, 2009

the Walmarts post

MM: I insisted that we give some sort of update on life even though Ginny just wanted to release some apparent, pent-up anger. I am glad she is writing. I am currently happy about all things that occupy her while simultaneously involving little to no movement.

Read the post prior to this one if you did not know that Ginny has been placed on bed rest. She is doing well- although the most difficult part by far, for her, has been the mandatory hands-off approach to parenting Hazel. I am tired, but smiling. Yes, we’ve bonded. Hazel always loves the hand that feeds her. Yes, I have had lots of help from great friends & family.

We go to the Dr. in order to check on everything on Wednesday. Until then, tell them what you think about it, Gin…

GM: So most posts on here are quite… well…they’re sort of serious. We like to talk about all that Eliot’s life taught us & continues to teach us & for both of us there is a lot of healing & processing in the midst of that.
When I was entertaining the idea of starting a little blog, Matt would have none of it. He said, “Why would you do that when we can blog together?!” I explained that I wasn’t exactly a “writer” like him & I wanted to just post about the mundane & silly & everyday mom stuff & not worry about how it’s written. He said that was perfectly fine & even encouraged it. Well, I have yet to do that…til now…

I don’t really like Walmart. That statement may seem like no big deal to most of you, but you see, we live in Walartland. We are very close to Walmart headquarters in Bentonville, AR.
The point is we live in Walmartland. Which is why, upon moving here, I quickly discovered that my days of shopping at a nice little Kroger or Albertsons or Harris Teeter were over. I remember this stark realization well. I needed asiago cheese for a delicious & easy zucchini casserole. Walmart #1: no asiago. Walmart #2: no asiago.
Not long after this experience & others similar, I decided I had to put an end to the frustration & learn to deal with this current predicament. So, now, out of the goodness of my heart, I share my tips for dealing with the megamart.

1. Always park close to the cart return. It doesn’t matter how far way you park. I my estimation, 9 out of 10 times, you are GOING to park far away at Walmart. Don’t fight it, just go with it. But if you park close to the cart return, you simply load your groceries & essentially you’re done.
2. Park near the entrance where you will end up, rather than where you start, which requires you to…
3. Have some semblance of a plan. Ok, ask anyone who knows me & they will testify that I am one of the furthest people from type A that you’ll ever meet. But, ya’ll this seriously helps me survive walmart. I organize my list into 5 categories:
a. household (all non grocery, like toothpaste, batteries, the things that take forever to find)
b. dry groceries
c. dairy
d. meat/freezer
e. produce/bread
I go in that order & don’t judge, just try it & tell me if you don’t spend WAY less time in Walmart than you used to.
4. When deciding a check-out, don’t just go by the shortest line, look at the actual checker. Sweet grandma Pearline may have the shortest line, but you’ll be in that line all day. Just make your best guess on who is fast & it won’t matter how long the line is. In my doing this, I have made a great friend. I’ve now known her about a year, we’ve actually grabbed lunch together. I could write a whole post on how great she is, but that’s for another time. She told me to...
5. Go to Walmart on Tuesday or Wednesday morning. My friend said this is a great time to go because everything is re-stocked from the weekend & is at it’s freshest. I’ve also discovered that there are very few people there at that time! If you can’t go then, whatever you do, just don’t go on Saturday or Sunday people, it’s just frustration waiting to happen.

So there ya go. And it’s not even Christmas.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

the latest happenings

GM: Very rarely in this life are we still. Quiet. Calm. Listening. The merry-go-round of life just goes & goes, only faster, never slower & all you hear is the hum of it going round & round & the loud background circus music. I'm nearly 5 months pregnant with an 11 month daughter, a dreamer husband, a little small business, friends that have not been called back, a home full of empty walls & a floor that needs to be repaired & laundry piled up...well, you get the idea. The carousel has been spinning & spinning for quite some time now and quite abruptly this week it stopped. It didn't just slow down, but rather came to a screeching halt.
Thursday night we had quite a scare. Essentially Matt & I thought we lost this baby. We rush to the hospital, barely breathing, praying, but not really knowing even how to pray. The doctor did an ultrasound & there it was...a strong beating heart & a healthy baby bopping around within my belly. The miracle of life is always amazing, but in the midst of all that fear & emotion it was truly beautiful, truly miraculous. Matt & I stood in awe & amazement. I am still in awe.
They found what's called a placenta previa. Essentially my placenta is in the wrong place & had caused hemorrhaging. It's a pretty common thing & we left a few hours later with instructions of bed rest. Not the kind of bed rest where you just take it easy, but the kind where you only move to go the bathroom & shower. Not sure how long this will be the case, but for now my life's present assignment is to care for & help Jesus make this baby by being still. Most respond with "oh I'm so sorry" or I even got a "you're gonna be SO bored!". But a little bedrest is nothing to be sorry about. We rejoice. In light of all we had thought on that breathless ride to the hospital; bedrest, ya know, is just no big deal. So we rejoice. I rest. We hope. I watch the beauty of a father & husband serving, loving recklessly. We pray a prayer of thanks & also of humbly asking God to protect this baby & my body.

It's amazing to me how true stillness can cause such stirring. It seems that as my body slows, my mind speeds. Nothing is without purpose & I feel as if my current quiet is no different. I anxiously await glimpses into Jesus' intent for my heart in this.
As I await & rest, I encourage you to join me & see what you may be missing out on. If you just thought, "I don't have time", then you really are the one that should join me...if you really think about it, you're not that busy.

Also, this bedrest may make me do crazy post more on here. I apologize ahead of time.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fall is Upon Us

GM: Every year around this time something happens in our house. It's called college football. Matt & I both get a little excited about college football & specifically our teams. You see, we each cheer on different teams. Matt is an Arkansas Razorback (unranked) fan & I am an Alabama Crimson Tide (preseason #5) fan. Which to most married couple is no big deal. But to us, two avid fans of two different SEC teams, this is a big deal. All kinds of trash talk & making fun of every facet of the other's football program goes flying through our house. We love the banter & have so much fun with it.
The thing about the way it generally is around here is that I just happen to be the one who dresses Hazel on a daily basis. So, despite numerous Razorback apparel hanging in her closet due to the little fact that we live in Fayetteville, AR, you can see below what she ended up wearing last Saturday. We sang the Bama fight song & said ROLLLLL TIDDDEEEE all day & it was a blast!

things I am enjoying lately...

Ginny & I have started listening to some church history cd's that Tommy Nelson taught on back in 1999. I'm on the third cd, and really enjoying it thus far. I have the cd's, but I am pretty sure you could listen here.

Also, enjoy this video. I try to surround myself with people more talented than myself. If you know me, this is not a hard goal; however, I have succeeded on many levels. This is just an example of one. With no further ado, hit it Ben.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Donald Miller talks about his new book

(Not so) Weekly Interrogative

Haven't posted a question in a while, here goes:

I recently realized that I basically go to the same 5 websites. Although I am perfectly fine with this, I figure I am missing out on some good stuff. So, favorite website we may not know of?

Comment and let me know, but:
#1 don't be trying to sell me something
#2 and no dirties